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i am a Little Monster & love my Mother Monster!!! ♥

The Monster Ball was a life changing experience and i will never forget it!!

I Love being a Little Monster! Mother Monster has taught me that it's ok to make mistakes & that being perfect doesn't matter, because we're all Mother Fuckin' Superstars!!!


Gaga is an inspiration and role model for me, not because of the “crazy” outfits she wears, even though majority of them have an important message behind them. Not because of her music (like sure her music is beyond amazing and her lyrics really speak to me) but because of her beliefs and values and how strongly she feels about them. She is an outspoken advocate for the fight against HIV and AIDS. She has her own non-profit foundation called the “born this way foundation” which helps youth with issues such as self-confidence, well-being & anti-bullying. When on tour the BTWF have a thing that follows them on tour called the “Born Brave Bus” the bus is full of counsellors for her fans to go to and sometimes she even goes on the bus to talk to them personally. The way gaga treats her fans is more than just a celebrity and fan relationship she treats her fans like family. We are her little monsters and she is our mother monster. I don’t know any other celebrities that buy fans that have been sleeping outside their hotel room or in line for a show food. Her random acts of kindness and not to mention her multiple generous donations to charity’s, her help with natural disasters, such as the Haiti tsunami, and her work with UNICEF. She really sets an example of how people should be treating one another.

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the first singles.

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New Harper’s Bazaar Outtake

New Harper’s Bazaar Outtake

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@ladygagaThe Spurs and NBA were so sweet to me last night! They even let me hold their championship trophy! I felt like such a lady!

@ladygagaMe and Ginobili! My favorite player! He’s even taller in person! What a doll!

@ladygagaAnd what a treat when Tony Parker came back to see us, he was such a gentlemen, we were all laughing and he told us some great stories. A champion from the inside out! Thanks for the great time guys, I wish you a great season!

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